Turf Muncher Paves Way for World Cup on Hamilton

Friday, June 27, 2014 4:30 PM  RssIcon

Before World Cup players battle it out on Brazil’s natural grass fields, many train for the world’s biggest soccer tournament on turf.

Enter the Turf Muncher from Mitchell Machine Works. It’s a 14,000-pound machine that carefully rips up divot-laced, synthetic playing surfaces to pave way for a fresh set of grounds.

Take the Southampton Football (soccer) Club, for example, which relies on the Turf Muncher to keep its practice turf up to snuff. Three of its star players – Rickie Lambert, Luke Shaw and Adam Lallana – play for England’s national team.

Hamilton Scores with Turf-Friendly Wheels

Underneath an 18–foot-wide body, 45-horsepower hydraulic power unit and array of complex pumps, you’ll find Hamilton.

Each rig is outfitted with eight of our special 7200 series dual-wheel pneumatic casters. With custom, 18-inch extra wide tires to boot. Turf-friendly tread and low-pressure inflation ensure the safety of the field’s foundation.

“Harder tires left costly dents and divots on the stone base during turf reclaiming,” said Mark Mitchell, president and owner of Mitchell Machine Works. “We switched to Hamilton’s 35 psi tire with special turf-pattern tread, and haven’t had a single problem since. Now we’re certified for use in any turf field anywhere.”

Not Only Soccer. Just Ask the New Orleans Saints.

Stadiums around the world rely on the Turf Muncher. Here in the United States, the Superdome, home to the Orleans Saints, replaces its turf after every season.

So next time you slosh down dollar brewskis at the ball game, consider this: There’s a good chance Hamilton already staked out its turf there. Oh, and one last thing. Go USA!

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