Ohio Governor Praises Hamilton’s Lean Efforts

Monday, July 28, 2014 12:56 PM  RssIcon

A fired-up Governor John Kasich and cheers from hundreds replaced the usual buzz at Hamilton’s factory on July 8.

“Helping (companies like Hamilton) do what they do — create jobs — has been our focus for the past four years,” said Kasich. “And they’ve responded by helping our state add over a quarter million new jobs.”

For the second straight political campaign, the governor chose Hamilton to announce his endorsement by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, an organization we’ve supported for nearly 40 years.

“Ohio is doing things right,” said Kasich, citing Hamilton as an example for job creation and economic growth – successes we can attribute to our lean manufacturing journey.

Before heading back on the campaign trail, he toured our factory to see how we help forge Ohio – and the entire country – ahead, one caster a time.

“An American-owned company for 107 years, we take great pride in this country and where it’s headed,” said Dave Lippert, Hamilton’s president. “That’s why we get involved. We believe in those who share the same passion and want to see it continue to grow.”

Read more about the governor’s visit.

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