U.S. Manufacturing Soars. Hamilton’s Factory Roars

Sunday, April 27, 2014 1:26 PM  RssIcon

U.S. manufacturing is on the rise again with the humble caster leading the charge.

According to the Commerce Department, demand for commercial aircraft and automobiles grew by a combined 16 percent in February.

Stroll through many of those factories, and you’ll find Hamilton helping to build airplanes, cars and trucks right here in America.

For example, the Michigan-based plant churning out nearly 400 pickup trucks a day with Hamilton on the assembly line. Or the South Carolina aerospace manufacturer flying high with our heavy-duty ground support casters.

These are just a few ways Hamilton keeps U.S. manufacturing on the up and up. And while we can’t take all the credit for the recent surge, we can smile knowing our casters helped make it possible.

Here’s to more growth. One caster at a time.

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